Tulsi P. Anandani

Life Sketch

Date of Birth :- Born on 22.01.1941 Karachi- then India now Pakistan. She is good looking enthusiastic lady with a smiling face tender nature ready to help the need & people living in miserable conditions.
Qualification :- M.A. B.Ed Ratna, Sr. H.S.S. Subodh. She has passed all her exams with flying.
Languages :- She has very good command over hindi though her mother tongue is shindhi, besides mother tongue. She knows gujarati and English very well.
Hobbies :-

Writing poems in Hindi, Shindhi her 2 books are published in Shindhi.

  1. Kithe wehi gayaan
  2. Tinku for children

She is radio artist. She has delivered many lectures in Hindi, Shindhi and also recited poetries in booth the languages, she is a goods orator.

Occupation :- She is retied principal. She remained principal & vice principle for 38 years. She opted voluntary retirement for social work. She wanted to give her honorary services to down – trodden ones – specially mentally retareded (Special Children) C.P., Homeless children & women. Hence she founded hari Aasro.
Hari Aasro Trust :- With the help of two ladies Doctor Giaconolosist. & Ex. M.L.A. Hari Aasro was established in 1991. Now the Trust has its own building on 1.4 acre land with a beautiful land scaping. The M.R. & C.P. Children are brought & send back daily in buses of trust. Though this type of work in this remote area of kutch is very challenging but she has opted this job because she wants to fight with the challenging & difficulties at any cost for the up liftmen of multiple disabled children and all alone lonely women.
Upaasana :- The day care Center.
Aaradhana :- Yoga & Meditation Center.
Aadhar :- Rehabilitation Center, Short Stay Home & Physiotherapy Center
Politics :- During the age of 38 – 40 she became the Mayor of Gandhidham municipality. She compeleted her tender successfully.
Social Work :- By nature she is silent social worker. She is attached with many institutions e.g. trustee of Gandhidham maître Mandal, secretary of social welfare Mandal, director of Shindhu resettlement corporation. She devotes her time to many educational institutions also.
Wholesome Personality :- She is loving lady with tender heart, social worker, poetess, orator. God fearing and having many qualities which a successful women should have. She loves her country India more then everything. She is proud of being Indian.