Special Appeal


After a disastrous earthquake in 2001. The building of Hari Aasro Trust – Upaasana the Institute (for M.R. & C.P. – special & differently able children) was tottaly damaged but with the help of some kind donors and a little amount given by Kandla Port Trust. The repairs work was done for temporary period. Now after 15 years of earthquake following works are to be taken up at the earliest to avoid severe damages hence looking to the security of loveble Special children, We badly need funds as mentioned below :-

  1. Reconstruction of Hall & some of the which rooms are in very very bad condition which are need total reconstruction.
  2. The roof of one wing is to be repaired at least with the coating.
  3. The boundary wall was also had collapsed two times in cyclone and at the time of earthquake, hence new boundary wall is to be constructed & erected.

The rough estimate comes to about 20 to 25 lacs. May I request the kind donors who are blessed by Maa Laxmi to stretch their hands and help the social cause.

You may credit the amount in the name of Hari Aasro Trust account no. 016910001918 or send crosses cheque. The donation will be exempted under 80 G of income tax.

In Service
(Tulsi Anandani)
Chairperson & Founder Managing Trustee
Hari Aasro Trust - Adipur