Donate as you Please

  • Uniforms 40
    200 each Rs. 8000/-
  • Cotton Carpets 10
    2000 per piece Rs. 20,000/-
  • Special Chairs 10
    1000 each Rs. 10,000/-
  • Special desks 40
    500 each Rs. 30.000/-
  • Cupboards 8
    3000 each Rs. 24,000/-
  • Ceiling Fans 20
    1000 each Rs. 30,000/-
  • Physiotherapy Equipments Rs. 50,000/-

Name of the donor will be written on items, if so desired.


About us

Hari Aasro was registered in 1991, with certain aims & objects with the blessing of Maa Haridevi. It Started special school for Mentally Handicapped Children in Mandal building, named -Hari Aasro Bal Vihal, later it was named - "Upaasana" -Hari Aasro. (Recognisied by Government of Gujarat). It shifted to beautifull new own building in 1994, which is build on 1.4 acres open land.

Hari Aasro has orgnised various medical camps, Seminars & many other cultural activities.

Hari Aasro Inauguated “Aradhna” Smt. Gominai A. Bhatia multipurpose Hall in 1995. It has a beautiful "Ullas" "Ratilal M. Sorathia – Children Play Park & it also has its own Minibus donated by Shri Ayub Bachu & Co.

The future plans of Hari Aasro are as under:

  1. "Archana" Rehabilitation & Care Center: To Make the handicapped self supporting & self dependent.
  2. Aadhar: The residential wing for homeless mentally retarded & spastic children.
  3. Ashraya: Happy Home for homeless orphan children.
  4. Aastha: Staff Quarters

To achieve above - The Trust need at least 25 to 30 laces.

The Government is also being persuaded but the society should also contribute to help the helpless children.

This is the work where we have only to give and “To GIVE IS GODLINESS"

May I therefore request you to join us to help the helpless? Stretch your hands. You are a blessed soul therefore He wants you to become a channel to his work.

Founder Managing Trustee